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Women’s Councils: models, skills and voice for a just society in Eritrea

duration: 2 years 5 months 30 days (From 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2022)
budget: 385,746 EUR

The project promotes the active participation and the social, economic and cultural inclusion of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable women living in urban and semi-urban areas of Asmara and Massawa through the establishment of local "councils", the purposes of which are to bolster activities pursuing the exchange and enhancement of women’s skills, roles and models.

• Boosting the principles of non-discrimination, gender equality and women’s empowerment by promoting and protecting social, economic and cultural rights in Eritrea.
• Providing social, economic and cultural platforms/processes encouraging inclusion opportunities for disadvantaged women in urban and semi-urban areas of Asmara and Massawa.
• Facilitating access to quality job and decent work opportunities.
• Foster women’s engagement at political level enabling them to be key drivers in conflict prevention/resolution and peacebuilding processes in Eritrea.

Type of activities
• Organizing multi-stakeholder fora aiming at stimulating a wide-ranging dialogue on public policy and reforms by identifying priorities, partnerships and principles which foster cooperation and active participation of the most vulnerable women.
• Setting up a gender equality-driven environment boosting knowledge/expertise exchange and enabling the transfer/development of specific skills related to decent work opportunities, socio-economic sphere and rights in the labor market.
• Supporting young women in acquiring and developing soft skills and key competences mainly via sectors such as the creative, sports, hospitality and tourism, agropastoral ones.
• Promoting the dissemination and adoption of best practices and policy at national/local and international level pointing out women’s capacity to become active agents of change and stressing gender mainstreaming as a valuable driver for conflict prevention and resolution

Results achieved
• Implemented multi-area platforms/processes/roadmaps bolstering the active involvement of women in the social, economic and cultural fields.
• Defined tools and strategies enhancing women’s socio-economic empowerment.
• Realized an interdisciplinary action plan enabling Eritrean women to play a prominent role in the peacebuilding process.
• Drawn up a guidebook collecting and emphasizing stories of success which help women to be acknowledged as key agents in delivering innovative change within the Eritrean society.