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Empowerment of participation of young and female workers in trade unions and its decision-making processes in Asia

duration: 3 years (From 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021)
budget: not communicated

The following sub-projects are supported:
1. Accelerating Women and Youth Leadership in Trade Unions in Bangladesh to promote Decent Work and Social Justice
2. Strengthening Women Leadership within the
Trade Union Movement in the Construction Sector in India and Nepal
3. Strengthening women and youth leadership within the trade union movement for decent work in Southeast Asia
4. Promoting and Strengthening Women’s Workers Capacity and
Leadership, individually and collectively, in Seafood processing Industries (SPI) in India and
5. Strengthening young workers and women leaders in public services trade unions in South and Southeast Asia

Women and young workers in South and South East Asia have become organized in unions and participate in important decision-making processes within their trade union structures.

Type of activities
Important instruments are trainings and advisory measures, setting up of project infrastructure and support structures, studies and reports; development of education materials and publications; exchange events in the project countries and in Germany