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For trade unions, development cooperation is a part of our commitment to fight poverty, promote sustainable social development and improve working and living conditions for all.


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Dialogue and social responsibility in the labour market of Latin America

duration: 3 years (From 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2013)
budget: 2,768,923 EUR

Immediate objectives:
Component I – Regional Cooperation in Latin America
The capacity for political advocacy and social dialogue to drive the Decent Work agenda of workers´ organizations in Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, improved.

Component II – Support to the Central American Labour Institute – ISACC
To strengthen ISACC’s role as a research centre, advisor and resource coordinator for the movement in Central America and the Caribbean, supporting Trade Union organizations in their effective influence on both national and regional policies for decent work and good governance, having social policies as a priority.

Component III – Support to Central American Health Sector Networks
The Health Workers’ Network promotes effective advocacy actions on the implementation of decent work policies at national and regional level and on behalf of good governance actions, prioritizing social policies in the health sector.

Component IV – National Cooperation in Guatemala - FMLL
FMLL has strengthened its sustainability and contributed to build up the capacities of the Guatemalan and Central American trade union movement to influence on labour market policies oriented to decent work, respect for human rights and improved life conditions for the population.

Component V – National Cooperation in Honduras - CUTH
CUTH has strengthened its capacity to promote improved conditions in the Honduran labour market within the frame of decent work, mainly for vulnerable groups: youth, women and community residents, facilitating changes in the political and social framework in order to strengthen good governance in the country.

Component VI – National Cooperation in Nicaragua – FNT
FNT has increased the capacity of its agro-industry, fishing and self-employment member organizations to promote and defend decent work and influence the conditions of good governance in order to improve the economic, social and democratic conditions of the Nicaraguan people.

Component VII – National Cooperation in Paraguay - CUT-A
CUT-A has strengthened the capacity of its member organizations to promote and defend Decent Work and exerts influence on governance conditions to improve the economic, social and political conditions of the Paraguayan population.

Component VII – National Cooperation in Bolivia
The capacity of Bolivian Public Health Confederations to constructively contribute to the development of the sector and improve the quality of public services is increased at the national and departmental level.

Development objective:
By 2015, the trade union movement in Latin America has enhanced its capacity to advocate for workers’ rights at the labour market and is able to exert influence on social, political and economic development at national and regional level, thereby contributing to: democratisation of society (social dialogue), improvement of the human rights’ situation (labour rights), poverty reduction (bi-/tripartite negotiation).