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The Finnish Union of Environmental Professionals (FUEP) represents the interests of its members in professional, financial, educational and societal matters. FUEP is an affiliate of AKAVA (The Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland). FUEP aims at enhancing environmental expertise in decision making processes.

Members of FUEP work in the environment sector and have an academic degree in environmental and natural sciences. 70% of FUEP’s working members are employed by the state, 18% by private companies and 11% by municipalities and local governments.

FUEP was founded in 1994 when three affiliate organisations of AKAVA merged to add weight to environmental matters within the confederation as well as in the labour market and among interest groups. Union of Geologist, Union of Geophysicists and Trade Union of Environmental Experts combined their resources to form The Finnish Union of Environmental Professionals (FUEP).

FUEP has approx. 4600 members.