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Selon les syndicats, la coopération au développement fait partie intégrante de notre engagement pour combattre la pauvreté, promouvoir un développement social durable et améliorer les conditions de vie et de travail pour tous.


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WEA Zambia

The Workers Educational Association in Zambia (WEAZ) was established in 1994 in response to dramatic social and economic change in Zambia after it became a democracy. WEAZ is a small voluntary organisation whose aim is to promote and provide adult education opportunities for workers, their families and their communities in which they live.

WEA Zambia concentrates on three strands of work :

1. The Informal Economy : around leadership skills, negotiation skills, organisation management and economic literacy (9 out of 10 workers in Zambia make their living in the largely subsistence-oriented areas of agriculture, small-scale trading, crafts and services).

2. Provision for Community-based Organisations : around leadership skills ; lobbying and advocacy skills ; strategic planning ; community development ; team building and political awareness arising including promoting local democracy (often with carers and organisations helping people cope with high levels of HIV/AIDS and endemic malaria).

3. Trade Unions : around negotiation skills, grievance handling procedures, labour laws and leadership skills (privatisation of copper mining and its acquisition by state owned Chinese companies has made trade union organising difficult).