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WBI – project in Benin

duration: 3 years 5 months 30 days (From 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2022)
budget: 94,750 EUR

The program with the WBI (Brussels-Wallonia Federation) subsidizes the decentralization of the educational structure and team, that is to say the support for departmental political leaders for the decision of a joint establishment of an educational structure, the search for trainers and facilitators capable of taking responsibility for implementing the educational service, training them, monitoring the establishment of study circles to ensure that the method is appropriate.
The program is complementary to the IFSI-ISVI project subsidized by the DGD.

Specific objectives
: CSA-Benin and UNSTB actively participate in improving social dialogue as well as in the progressive transformation of the informal economy

Expected results: Consolidation of the educational structure of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Benin (CSA-Benin) and the National Union of Benin Workers’ Unions (UNSTB) through the establishment of regional coordination throughout the territory Beninese.

Type of activities: Training of trainers and study circle leaders