CSI // Repertorio de proyectos sindicales de desarrollo

Para los sindicatos, la cooperación al desarrollo forma parte de nuestro compromiso de luchar contra la pobreza, promover el desarrollo social sostenible y mejorar las condiciones de vida y de trabajo para todos y todas.


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The Union Technique de la Mutualité Malienne(UTM), created in April 1998, is the apex organization of mutual health organizations (MHOs) in Mali.It is present in seven of Mali’s eight regions and supports 80 mutual health organizations both in rural areas, where it provides technical assistance to MHOs in villages, and in urban areas where, since 2000, it has administered a health product called Voluntary Mutual Health Insurance (or VMHI; in French, Assurance mutuelle volontaire or AMV). This product covers primary and secondary health care in public health facilities.If is offered to the populations of the country’s nine main towns (60,000 beneficiaries in 2010). The UTM is regularly invited by the government and donors to contribute to the reflection process concerning the implementation of health insurance schemes on a national level.