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UNE Legal Office

duration: 2 years 30 days (From 1 June 2013 to 30 June 2015)
budget: 25,000 EUR

The creation of an office providing legal advice and training by qualified solicitors has been a priority for Unión Nacional de Empleados (UNE - in English National Union of Employees) for a number of years. It is seen as an opportunity for not only capacity building but for strengthening and deepening the trade union movement within society, raising its profile, increasing membership, making it more effective and of course securing employment rights for its members. In the opinion of UNE’s general secretary, the lack of a legal office has limited UNE’s ability to aid its members when they have needed help and this, in turn, has had a detrimental effect not only on outcomes but also on the standing of the union in the eyes of the membership as well as the public and, of course, the employers.

Primary functions of the Legal Office would be:

• To give legal advice to union leaders
• To take up legal cases on behalf of workers whose rights have been violated, or who have been unfairly dismissed or not received agreed benefits.
• To help to design the content and planning of training course on legal aspects of employment which will be given to union leaders and workers

• High quality legal advice to UNE members
• Train union leaders in labour laws and Nov 2012 Code of Labour Practice
• Strengthen capacity of union leaders to negotiate collective agreements

Source of funds: UNISON International Development Fund


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