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Ukraine Emergency

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On 24 February, the Russian armed forces launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Progetto Sud has immediately started to work in order to provide a prompt and rapid response with emergency assistance on the borders between Ukraine, Poland and Romania. This includes both humanitarian aid and civil protection assistance. Progetto Sud has been closely cooperating with UIL (Unione Italiana del Lavoro) to launch the #Ukraine #Emergency public campaign open both to the universe of the UIL organisations and wider audience to collect resources in support of the activities. With local partners’ support, Progetto Sud is already carrying out various humanitarian actions by bringing items and goods to respond to the needs of refugees and displaced persons in the country and surrounding countries. As needs grow exponentially, further assistance has been deployed in Warsaw (PL) where Progetto Sud , with PL partner, set up a shelter with the provision of information, guidance and assistance to fleeing Ukrainian citizens and families who arrive to Poland.

• Provide humanitarian aid to help civilians affected by the war in Ukraine
• Provide assistance to people fleeing Ukraine.

Type of activities
The action is organised in two main activities
1) Delivering of humanitarian aid (food; clothing; equipment; devices; medicine; medical items; etc.) from Italy to local partners (Poland; Romania; Ukraine) to support the people affected by Russia’s war on Ukraine
2) Establishing a shelter in Warsaw to offer and effective hospitality and quick assistance (legal, psychological, counselling, administrative) to people fleeing the war in Ukraine, in particular targeting women and children.

Results achieved
Since the start of activities we can assess that:
• A huge number of internal displaced persons in Ukraine have been supported by the humanitarian aid delivered by our partners
• A number of displaced people from Ukraine, in particular women and children, are hosted and supported within the shelter in Warsaw

Source of funding
Fundraising campaign