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For trade unions, development cooperation is a part of our commitment to fight poverty, promote sustainable social development and improve working and living conditions for all.


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The response of the Belgian Liberal Trade Union to the fight against poverty in Africa (CNTS)

duration: 4 years 1 month 1 day (From 1 December 2012 to 31 December 2016)
budget: not communicated

This program focuses on the association of CNTS to 3 trade union confederations (UDTS, UTS, CSA) to strengthen their capacity of organising workers in the informal economy, training union leaders in the specificities of trade union action the informal economy, informing workers of the informal economy about the benefits of unionisation and organising them into unions in order to improve the recognition of their claims. Confederations will pay particular attention to designing frames and training union leadeers and workers in the informal economy, up to 2/3 of the total workforce.