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Support to ZCTU civic education towards a new constitution in Zimbabwe

duration: 5 months 30 days (From 1 June to 30 November 2012)
budget: 323,152 EUR

Immediate objective:
To strengthen the necessary capacity in ZCTU to monitor and ensure compliance to the democratic principles embedded in the new agreement, by training trade union leadership to advocacy campaigns necessary for reestablishing structures.

Development objectives:
To contribute to a transparent process of democratization by including civil society and the trade unions to support the development of a new constitution of Zimbabwe.

Working methods:
1. Training trade union leaders and activists from six ZCTU regional offices and 36 affiliated unions to function as democratic elected change agents and monitors of a new agreement and constitution.
2. Securing production and dissemination of information materials on democracy and free and fair election principles embedded in a new constitution. This will include production of campaign pamphlets, utilizing “The Worker”, press adverts, bulletins etc.
3. Conducting series of public campaign activities during the constitution-making processes at national, regional and district levels (as well as preparing for a future referendum). This includes conducting “labour forums”, social forums, public campaigns as well as company meetings on the ground by ZCTU to encourage citizens, workers and members (and their families) to be familiarized with and take part in the new democratic processes. These activities also include music bands and cultural events particularly in the rural areas to reach “young” eligible voters.


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