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Southeastern Europe Regional: Consolidating the Power of Independent Trade Unions to Promote Democratic and Equitable Development Phase

duration: 2 years (From 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2022)
budget: not communicated

Objective 1: To defend worker rights and wellbeing by expanding the capacity of unions in Southeast Europe to act against GBVH and environmental hazards

Objective 2: To support equality for and inclusion of historically disenfranchised workers within trade unions and the broader civil society in Montenegro

Objective 3: To secure freedom of association and collective bargaining in Albania through grassroots worker involvement

To strengthen freedom of association (FOA) and develop more inclusive models of workplace democracy in Southeastern Europe, the Center will strengthen and enhance the capacity of trade unions to engage social partners and other local actors in promoting FOA and expanding the base of union representation to include youth and other marginalized groups of workers. In Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Montenegro, and Albania, the Center will support activities that expand collective bargaining, encourage membership outreach, and extend union membership to disenfranchised workers.