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Southeast Regional: Indonesia/Malaysia Promoting Freedom of Association, Migrant Worker, Gender Advancement and the Rule of Law in Indonesia and Malaysia

duration: 1 year (From 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021)
budget: not communicated

Objective 1: To enhance the capability of Indonesian Trade Union Confederations to conduct and disseminate original research as an advocacy and training tool and to strengthen the profile of the confederations, their work and priority issues both domestically and internationally through media and online publicity

Objective 2: To strengthen and broaden the capacity of trade unions to more effectively represent workers in the hospitality sector

Objective 3: To strengthen Indonesian unions primarily at the federation level in areas of organizing and stakeholder engagement, as well as legal and campaign advocacy, with an emphasis on gender issues and international outreach

Objective 4: To support MTUC to capitalize on opportunities for organizing, bargaining, outreach to migrant workers, gender advancement, legal advocacy and supply chain/stakeholder engagement in a post broad-based labor law reform environment in Malaysia

To continue supporting Indonesian and Malaysian workers to access, develop and advocate for their rights through the promotion of unions, legal advocacy, research, and stakeholder engagement, the Center will build capacities of workers, union members, and leadership, and other civil society organizations to serve as vehicles for the advancement of workers rights and broader policy initiatives on behalf of vulnerable members of the economy in both Indonesia and Malaysia to hold governments and both domestic and international supply chains accountable for rights violations.