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Renforcer syndicat nationale aux Philippines

duration: 4 years (From 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2018)
budget: 347,870 EUR

The overall development goal is for the Philippine labor movement to be unified and able to sustain its historic mission to alter the oppressive structures of society. For the 4 year period, the national trade union centre aims to establish a democratic and financially sustainable organization that is able to effect meaningful change for the working class, where Affiliates have merged along industry/sectoral lines, the Number of women and youth leaders in elected positions increased and the Dues collections have increased by at least 50%, and that the membership and affiliates have also increased. It is also campaigning on a priority legislative agenda to be mainstreamed such as the push against contractualization; the security of tenure law, changes on maternity leave and reproductive rights and others. The merger project is aimed towards greater unity in the Labour movement as it now plays a major role in strengthening the NAGKAISA (united) a coalition of around 40 national centers, confederations and federations representing about 80% of the organized labour in the country.

1. Membership awareness on their rights and the importance of the national union centre is increased
2. Leadership bench is deepened including improvements in women and youth representation
3. Dues collections have improved.
4. Capacity to campaign on policy and legislative issues is strengthened

Type of activities
1. National and regional conferences on contemporary issues
2. Training and education focusing on: trade unionism; leadership; financial management; gender sensitivity; educators (trainers) training; political education; social movement unionism, etc.
3. Forums and Roundtable discussions
4. National Mobilizations, mass actions and pickets in celebration of especial days like labour day, women’s day, national heroes day as well as lobbying on labour related laws and policies
5. Press Conferences
6. Publication of education and training materials as well as internal communications
7. Monitoring and evaluation activities

Results achieved
• Increase its members by 13, 585, which represent 35.85% more than the target of 10,000 for 4 years.

• Increase its financial sustainability by succeeding to increase its dues from PHP 5 per individual member per month to PHP 10 per individual member per month starting in January 2018. Some affiliates who are not prepared to implement this decision by 2018 have committed to double the enrolment of their members as dues-paying members.

• Continue its efforts to realize the merger of its affiliates in the power industry as well in the public sector.

• Raise the awareness of its members through trainings and seminars.

• And, trained a total of 745 (319 women, 426 men) leaders through various leadership courses from 2015 to 2017, surpassing the target of 500 leaders in 4 years by 49%.

• Women comprised 43% of the participants in all the leadership trainings for the past 3 years.