CSI // Repertorio de proyectos sindicales de desarrollo

Para los sindicatos, la cooperación al desarrollo forma parte de nuestro compromiso de luchar contra la pobreza, promover el desarrollo social sostenible y mejorar las condiciones de vida y de trabajo para todos y todas.


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the Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK), an organization of government employees in the Philippines, was founded in 1987 with an initial membership of 120.
PSLINK is an umbrella organization of 386 public sector unions and has as its vision as a leading partner committed to and a catalyst in the development of a strong, accountable, comprehensive, responsive ,effective and democratic public services and all our activities, advocacies and campaigns revolves around this vision through our more than 80,000 members coming from the local government units, state universities and colleges, national government departments/ministries, government owned and controlled corporations and government financing institutions. PSLINK strongly believes that integrity in governance is the key to addressing poverty and moving the Philippines to sustainable economic growth and prosperity