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Promotion of industrial peace in Nepal through support to JTUCC activities

duration: 3 years (From 1 September 2009 to 31 August 2012)
budget: 307,213 EUR

Immediate objectives:
1. The capacity of the trade union movement in Nepal has been strengthened through the institutionalisation of the JTUCC, securing workers representation in the development of the labour market;
2. The JTUCC has actively advocated for the implementation of the Decent Work Agenda and contributed to the development of the new Constitution in Nepal;
3. The JTUCC has actively advocated for the development of efficient tripartite labour market institutions and mechanism in Nepal.

Development objective:
Promotion of social dialogue to secure stabile labour ralations and promote the peace process and the democratic development in Nepal.

Working methods:
1. Workshops to prepare policy paper, code of conduct and training manual. Training of trainers. Public campaigning and awareness raising.
2. Proposal for the new constitution of Nepal submitted by JTUCC. National mapping of the Decent Work conditions in Nepal carried out by an external resource person, used for development of a JTUCC paper on minimum wage and CLS implementation.
3. Through a series of workshops JTUCC develops a position paper that are disseminated through local training sessions for 300 local plant level union leaders before the proposal will be submitted for discussion with the social partners.