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Promoting Women’s Leadership and Participation in the Union

duration: 7 months (From 1 January to 31 July 2015)
budget: 15,650 EUR

The main challenge faced by self-employed women in Nicaragua is the fact that most women work a 12 hour day and that the majority of them are also single mothers with the double burden of child care responsibilities and domestic chores. Despite efforts by the union to affect government policy, most self-employed workers do not have access to social security, and their earnings are not enough to meet their basic subsistence needs. This leaves little time for union activism.

The project aims to recruit an additional 4,000 women members of the union, increase their participation in union activities and play a leading role in them. It is also intended that work-related training will be developed for self-employed women members and that seven additional district committees and four additional municipal committees of self-employed women will be set up.

The project will empower self-employed women and enhance their ability to solve the economic problems they face while building strong and proactive women’s leadership able to participate fully in the work of the union and advocate improvements in society and better working conditions.

Type of activities
• A recruitment drive
• Production of (accessible) articles to be included in the union’s magazine, ‘La Piedra’
• Personal development sessions and analysis of training needs
• Organisation of an Enterprise Fair

Expected outcomes
• Increase in membership
• Additional committees set up at district and municipal level
• Increased participation of women in union activities
• Enhanced leadership of women in union activities


Bandula Kothalawala
[email protected]