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Promoting Social Dialogue among labour stakeholders to strengthen governance in Peru

duration: 2 years 1 day (From 1 March 2010 to 29 February 2012)
budget: 34,709 EUR

The project "Promoting Social Dialogue between labour stakeholders to strengthen governance in Peru", is based on the needs of different local actors, especially workers’ organizations, to promote the efficient use of social dialogue and means for the prevention and resolution of social and industrial unrest.

The perception among majority population and large sections of workers who feel their demands are not met by the state has led in recent years to various social movements and trade unions to resort to confrontational strategies to be heard. In this sense it is found in recent years a real escalation of major conflicts that have caused violence, social tension, material and human losses, generating a large increase in social unrest affecting and seriously weakens governance and social cohesion the country.

On the basis of social and labor unrest in Peru found the limited channels of dialogue and participation developed by the state and social actors, including workers. In the workplace draws a small presence of social dialogue as a means of prevention and resolution of conflicts or as a mechanism to reach agreements and pacts that result in social stability.


Marta Manrique / [email protected]