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Organizing informal sector workers in Somalia

duration: 4 months 1 day (From 1 December 2014 to 31 March 2015)
budget: 6,460 EUR

Informal sector workers in Somalia include domestic workers, street and market vendors, agricultural workers, day labourers etc. Some have lost their permanent jobs and been pushed into short-term or temporary work. Their working conditions are far from satisfactory. Employers do not pay proper wages, nor do they pay them on a regular basis. The workers are denied leave and often have no access to medical facilities. They are not in a position to form unions or associations and bargain collectively for better working conditions, fair pay and a life with dignity.

The project aims to bring about an improvement in their working conditions through organising and representation and contribute to the protection and promotiion of their rights.

Protection and promotion of rights and entitlements of informal sector workers in Somalia

Type of activities
- Conduct a survey of informal sector workers
- Organize a workshop to develop an action plan to support the workers concerned in their efforts to improve their pay and working conditions.

Expected outputs
1. Survey report on informal economy work.
2. Printed Information, Education and Communication material for organizing and campaigning activities.
3. Union leaders have greater understanding of informal sector issues and of how to address them.
4. 25 union leaders and organizers equipped with organizing skills.
5. Action plan developed and endorsed by all affiliated unions.


Bandula Kothalawala
[email protected]