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NSZZ Solidarność

The Independent and Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarność was founded as a result of worker protests and established on the basis of the Gdańsk Accords signed on 31st August 1980 by the Inter-enterprise Strike Committee and the Government Commission.

NSZZ Solidarność represents 722.000 workers, what is 4,35% of the total unionisation of work force in Poland (11-13%). There are union members in every industry and services. Membership includes managers, administrators and professional staff as well as scientists and technicians; skilled workers and labourers; full-time workers and those who work part time; pensioners/retirees, school students in factory-run vocational schools doing sub-contracting work for factories or receiving vocational training in such schools; persons contracting for work at home, unemployed, disabled and persons who are performing alternative military service.