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Mesorregião Amazônica do Alto Solimões sustentável e participativa

duration: 1 year 6 months (From 1 January 2017 to 1 July 2018)
budget: 1,090,886 EUR

1. Strengthen the civil society organizations to enhance good governance
2. Strengthen the Integrated and Sustainable Development Forum of the High Solimões, as a space of participatory planning and diffusion of good practices in family farming, to improve the value chains and the mitigation climate change

Types of activities
1. Promoting the participation in the Territorial Development Plan for a sustainable rural development
2. Constitution of Municipal Councils for sustainable rural development in 8 municipalities of the mesoregion
3. Implementation of training courses for the civil society organizations
4. Consolidation of the experience of ASPRO-BC with the application of technologies and practices as adaptation tool and mitigation of climate changes
5. Diffusion of the experience of ASPRO-BC as a pilot project in the 9 municipalities of the mesoregion

The main problems of the Mesoregion of Alto Solimões are the lack of citizen participation and absence of participatory planning initiatives to build a clear and coherent vision of the future with the productive and cultural vocations of its territory.
Moreover, in the Mesoregion there are several indigenous and fluvial communities, which are excluded from development aid due to the lack of the institutional coordination needed to share information from the Territorial Sustainable Rural Development Plan (PTDRS).

It would be useful to set up local development plans in a participatory way, to channel and manage public and private funds to promote programs with a strong impact.

Civil Society Organizations are too weak. They have no opportunity to learn about innovated experiences related to citizen participation. The population has to deal with the lack of majors to address the adaptation and mitigation of climate change due to a family farming and the lack of processing and marketing centre.