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For trade unions, development cooperation is a part of our commitment to fight poverty, promote sustainable social development and improve working and living conditions for all.


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Mas Sindicato: Cadenas de Sostenibilidad

duration: 2 years 7 months (From 1 April 2016 to 31 October 2018)
budget: 679,980 EUR

1. Contribute to strengthening the democratic governance, sustainable and inclusive, aiming to integrate of the busy workers economy informal.
2. Strengthen the trade union’s representation and advocacy abilities of in social dialogue and participation, as aspected in the laws 87/01, 498/06 and 176/07 supporting the interests of the workers in the informal economy, with particular attention to equal opportunities.

Types of activities
1. Mapping and selection analysis sectors and key players in the informal economy with intergenerational focus
2. Information meetings about the benefits of the of Social System Security under the Law 87-01
3. Training for local union leaders on organization, social economy and solidarity, local development and tools for effective participation

The project comes from the "Participa Higuey" project, created by Iscos in 2012 and financed by the European Union. It derives from the consideration that a high rate of informal economy increases inequality, poverty and is a problem for democratic governance by limiting revenue taxation, increasing the cost of public social policies and preventing the active participation of citizens at the local level. The project wants to reduce informality to improve working conditions and the lives of thousands of people, as shown by the equation:

- informality = + decent work, + productivity, + democracy, + sustainable economic growth.

Although there is a regulatory framework favourable to participation (Law 176-07, Law 87-01, Law 200-04), the situation is characterized by a lack of knowledge of the rights and duties especially for the young and the women employed in the informal economy.