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For trade unions, development cooperation is a part of our commitment to fight poverty, promote sustainable social development and improve working and living conditions for all.


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Living Well Project - Economic rights and citizenship in indigenous and riverine communities of the Alto Solimões valuing the practices of solidarity and favoring links with local authorities

duration: 3 years (From 1 March 2013 to 28 February 2016)
budget: 753,378 EUR

General objective
to contribute to reducing poverty and promoting an inclusive and empowered society in the context of sustainable development in ethno-indigenous and riverine communities of the upper Amazon region (Amazonas State - Brazil). Therefore, the main center of interest is that promoting sustainable socioeconomic development conditions, from the empowerment of stakeholders and its system of values ​​and practices socio-productive strongly characterized by ethno-cultural factors (such as indigenous peoples) and gender.

As global impact, the project aims to contribute to reducing the 20% poverty rate in the area of ​​project intervention
Specific objective
Improve the capacity to generate income (monetary and non-monetary) of rural households in 17 indigenous and riverine communities of the Municipality of Benjamin Constant through the enhancement of production systems and local partners, the active participation of communities and the impact on public policies with emphasis on the role of women and youth.