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@Learning and @campaigning : defending public services and water sources

duration: 2 years 29 days (From 1 February 2014 to 29 February 2016)
budget: 72,000 EUR

PLADES ( in Alliance with FENTAP (, national federation of public water services workers, will run an @learning and @campaigning programme at national level, focusing in develop @ communication and advocacy skills of union leaders and activist from CSOs to face privatization pressures on public services and raise awareness about the risk of put in danger water sources because the intensification water demand of extractive industries and energy projects.

The strategy to implement the project have two stages (two years),

  • 1. First (year), establish a national network of defenders of WATER AND PUBLIC SERVICES, based on Key regional union affiliates and activist of CSOs . This network will be trained like trainers on @communication and @advocacy strategies to address. Building alliances and raise awareness about our mission, in the context of World meeting COP 20 in Lima Peru.
  • 2. Second, Tutors trained network driven by FENTAP and allies strategy, will run a national @learning educational program to disseminate and promote national campaign in favour of PUBLIC SERVICES AND WATER SOURCES.

The project looking aims to develop capacities of campaigning and communications of union and social leaders, using @tools that provide us the information technologies. Build alliances with other actors of civil society movement and create a base of union educators that reproduce the experiences in different regions, are a central part of strategy.


Nick Crook
[email protected]