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Labor Rights in Cambodia (LRIC)

duration: 5 years (From 3 September 2019 to 2 September)
budget: not communicated

The Solidarity Center (SC) proposes a 5-year program entitled “Labor Rights in Cambodia(LRIC)” to be implemented as an Associate Award under the Leader with Associate (LWA) Cooperative Agreement entitled “Global Labor Program (GLP) The LRIC program will work in Cambodia with the overall goal to enlarge civic space by promoting labor rights to advance democratic development and governance in Cambodia.The program will make progress on this goal through the following four objectives and their expected results:

Objective 1: Improved Labor Rights Protections

Objective 2: Improved Representation of Worker Interests in Targeted Sectors/Industries

Objective 3: Strengthened Linkages Among Labor, Business and Civil Society

Objective 4: Increased Effectiveness of Labor Relations Systems


Muna Rehman