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Iraq: United Workers Voices for Change

duration: 1 year (From 1 February 2021 to 31 January 2022)
budget: not communicated

Description of the project
To enable unions to provide a platform for workers in Iraq to promote their interests and to increase understanding of the 2015 labor law among workers and lawyers to improve enforcement, the Center will support an online training platform for young workers; improve Iraqi unions’ use of social media; support an online portal for reporting legal violations; educate law students on the 2015 labor law; and enable unions to engage publicly on political party social and economic platforms in advance of 2021 elections.

Objective 1: To enable unions to work collaboratively to provide a platform for all Iraqi workers to promote the democratic interests of working people

Objective 2: To increase awareness and understanding of the 2015 Iraqi labor law among workers and lawyers to improve its enforcement