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Innovative Training for Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention at the Workplace with an Intersectional Feminist Trauma-Informed Framework To Amplify the Voices and Experiences of the Most Marginalized

duration: 10 months 1 day (From 1 October 2020 to 31 July 2021)
budget: not communicated

Description of the project
SC’s intersectional trauma-informed framework focuses on the most marginalized communities and how forms of oppression intersect with sexism including an examination of intersection of race and gender in relationship to power deconstructing interlocking systems of domination – specifically white supremacy and patriarchy directly tied to colonialism in the international development discourse.

1) Develop institutional culture change by discussing and acknowledging the complexity of identity, lived realities and reflected experiences within the SC field and headquarters staff at the Solidarity Center in the context of GBVH in the world of work.

2) Create a safe space addressing GBVH in the world of work at the Solidarity Center by developing a comprehensive training with an inclusive intersectional feminist approach and demonstrated internal commitment.

3) Provide a trauma-informed intersectional training curriculum which can be adjusted and adapted and includes the provision of a socio-psychological support system during and after the training.

4) Explore this innovative intersectional strategy to move beyond traditional methods of prevention training including exploration of new models, discussions of identity and intersectionality as crucial components for healing, such as counternarratives that can serve as a vital role for empowerment and bystander intervention and the importance of allies.