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For trade unions, development cooperation is a part of our commitment to fight poverty, promote sustainable social development and improve working and living conditions for all.


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Economie informelle, sécurité sociale et dialogue social au Népal

duration: 4 years (From 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2021)
budget: not communicated

The programme, building on results/outcomes of previous LO/FTF Council interventions in Nepal, continues to work on three areas of interventions namely: 1.] informal economy; 2.] social security; and 3.] social dialogue.

Primarily, it promotes joint trade union efforts to strengthen workers’ participation in bipartite and tripartite social dialogue mechanism to protect workers’ rights at the workplace.

The cooperation also supports the trade unions in mobilizing local union structures for better working conditions and improved wages for both the formal and informal economy workers.

In addition, the intervention is focused at intensifying trade union actions to help promote compliance and effective implementation of the amended Nepali Labor Law and Social Security Law to improve the lives and working conditions of Nepali workers.

1. Improved knowledge and skills of ITUC - NAC and its affiliates to promote social security for informal economy workers, and influence the design of the implementation mechanisms and schemes for the new Social Security Law

2. Enhanced capacity of ITUC - NAC and its affiliates in social dialogue, particularly in the practice of CBAs at the enterprise level and promote industrial and national CBAs

3. Enhanced capacity of ITUC - NAC and its affiliates in organising and providing services to informal economy workers, particularly in the agriculture, transport, and construction sectors.

4. Enhanced organisational capacity of ITUC - NAC Secretariat to deliver programmes and services to NTUC, GEFONT, and ANTUF and their affiliates.

Type of activities
Communication Planning, Strategic Planning, Research/Study

Leadership Training (General and Issue - Based), Policy Development, Policy Dialogues

Awareness Raising, Advocacy, Legislative Lobbying

Networking, Experience Sharing, Exchange Visits