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IIWE programme 2012-2016 - Labour rights and social dialogue - Component 7 - Indonesia/KSBSI

duration: 5 years (From 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2016)
budget: 1,398,000 EUR

Specific objective : A strengthened KSBSI has promoted the application of workers’ rights and the quality of social dialogue for all employees in Indonesia in favor of greater stability in employment and better social protection - with special attention to workers in multinationals, gender and climate

Strategy : Strengthening of capacities
Results 1 (at the level of service development) :
1.1. KSBSI has leaders who have obtained workers’ rights in multinationals,
1.2. KSBSI has leaders who have sensitized members and governments with relation to climate change,
1.3. KSBSI has (more) negotiatiors who have participated in social dialogue on workers’ rights in multinationals, gender and climate
Result 2 (at organisational level) : KSBSI has leaders and board members who have promoted gender equality
Result 3 (at institutional level) : KSBSI has executives who have gained national and international support in the fight for workers’ rights in multinational

Project renewed for 2 years (01.01.15 to 31.12.2016)
Budget for the period 01.01.2012 / 31.12.2014 : 835 000 EUR
Budget for the period 01.01.2015 / 31.12.2016 : 563 000 EUR