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IIWE programme 2012-2016 - Labour rights and social dialogue - Component 6 - India/NDWTUF

duration: 5 years (From 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2016)
budget: 249,000 EUR

Specific objective : A gender active, strengthened NDWTUF in India has promoted the realisation of labour rights and access to social dialogue for domestic workers with focus on the right to a minimum wage and social protection

Strategy : strengthening of capacities
Result 1 (at the level of service development) : NDWTUF has leaders who have delivered legal services and gender friendly advocacy work to domestic workers
Result 2 (at organisational level) : NDWTUF has leaders who have organised more domestic workers
Result 3 (at institutional level) : NDWTUF has leaders who have summoned support to pressure the government on issues of domestic workers

Project renewed for 2 years (01.01.15 to 31.12.2016)
Budget for the period 01.01.2012 / 31.12.2014 : 106 000 EUR
Budget for the period 01.01.2015 / 31.12.2016 : 143 000 EUR


Stijn Sintubin / [email protected]