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IIWE program 2012-2016 - Workers rights and Social Dialogue - Component 13 - Niger/CNT

duration: 5 years (From 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2016)
budget: 294,000 EUR

Specific Objective:
The reinforced CNT has promoted workers’ rights and social dialogue in Niger for a sustainable improvement of working conditions - with particular attention to the miners and transport, contract teachers, private security guards, girls bars and domestic workers

Strategy: Capacity Building
Results 1 (development services level):
1.1. Managers, union leaders and activists of the CNT have a strengthened capacity of development to promote the rights of workers and the social dialogue at national level,
1.2. Managers, union leaders and militants of the CNT in the mining, transport and education have a strengthened capacity of development in term of social dialogue and are better equipped for negotiations for the rights of workers
1.3. The private security guards, girls bars and domestic workers in Niamey have a strengthen capacity of development in term of negotiation and are able to defend their rights
Result 2 (at organizational development level): The CNT has enhanced its organizational capacity for the promotion and defense of workers’ rights in the social dialogue
Result 3 (at Institutional Development level): The CNT has a strengthened institutional capacity for quality campaigns for the respect of fundamental rights and better environmental management

Project renewed for 2 years (01.01.15 to 31.12.2016)
Budget for the period 01.01.2012 / 31.12.2014 : 150 000 EUR
Budget for the period 01.01.2015 / 31.12.2016 : 144 000 EUR