CSI // Repertorio de proyectos sindicales de desarrollo

Para los sindicatos, la cooperación al desarrollo forma parte de nuestro compromiso de luchar contra la pobreza, promover el desarrollo social sostenible y mejorar las condiciones de vida y de trabajo para todos y todas.


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IAL Friuli Venezia Giulia

IAL Friuli Venezia Giulia is part of the national network of IAL Social Enterprise Ltd., one of the largest training institutes in Europe.
Established in 1955 IAL is the body in charge of training, qualification and updating Professional, Culture and Social workers. Over the years, the original mission has declined adapting to changes on the economy and society, the pace and character of industrial development, the evolution of the world of learning and work,.
In November 2010, the IAL FVG is transformed into social enterprise and declines its initials in - Innovation, Learning, Work - explaining that all sense of its mission, the capital experiential and professional matured, collaborations with the corporate world and the system higher education and research