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Gulf Region (Kuwait & Bahrain): New Strategies for Building Inclusive Civic Space

duration: 1 year (From 1 February 2021 to 31 January 2022)
budget: not communicated

Project description
To promote the expansion of civic space in the Gulf region, the Center will develop the capacity of workers in Kuwait and Bahrain, particularly women and migrants, to advocate for their priorities within their union federations, and will support these organizations to build more responsive and inclusive advocacy strategies in the post-COVID era capable of representing a broad range of workers and defending their fundamental rights.

Objective 1: To strengthen the organizational capacity of Gulf union federations to develop more responsive and inclusive advocacy strategies on issues that affect all workers, including non-members

Objective 2: To strengthen the role of women, migrants and other underrepresented workers within Gulf union federations to advocate for their rights and influence strategic decisions