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Gender equality through drinking water in Rio Azul, Uspantán el Quiche municipality

duration: 1 year 1 month 2 days (From 1 March 2020 to 31 March 2021)
budget: 133,783 EUR

Implementation of a water system by solar pumping and gravity that benefits 220 indigenous Guatemalan families, the project will support the reduction of diseases due to the consumption of contaminated water.
The project seeks to empower women in the administration of the system through a women’s committee, this will allow them to be included and participate in other activities that generate potential in the family economy, as well as encourage participation in any field that involves personal and community development.

General objective
Contribute to rural development policies, the reduction of poverty and malnutrition due to the consumption of contaminated water in families in the Rio Azul community in the municipality of Uspantán, department of Quiche.

Operational objectives

  • Improve the conditions for water supply for rural families in the Rio Azul community.
  • Install technical capacities for the administration, operation and maintenance of the drinking water supply and sanitation system.
  • Strengthen capacities, skills and abilities in grassroots groups and the community in general, for the empowerment and monitoring of activities that allow improving living conditions.
  • Empower women and girls for social involvement, through training and awareness workshops to achieve equity and equality and the common good.

Type of activities

  • Construction of a water supply system
  • Training and awareness workshops

Achieved results

  • The residents of the Rio Azul community have a functioning drinking water system with quality water supply, quantity and continuity.
  • There are established grassroots groups that have the technical capacity and skills to direct, manage, operate and maintain a drinking water system.

133.783,84 euros (89.315, 51 euros of the municipality of Zaragoza)