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From vulnerability to development: support of emergency to the population of Koro

duration: 9 months 2 days (From 1 March to 1 December 2016)
budget: 220,000 EUR

Sets the repeated shocks to which the population has been submitted, the initiative intends to offer an essential stimulus to 800 families for the start of seeding on "contre-saison" (horticultural crops of short cycle) and the winter (cereals and leguminous) cycle. The initiative is framed in the work of improvement of the services of health of base in the Cercle of Koro, beginning from interventions on the infrastructure, on the system of prevention of the malnutrition and on the sensitization of the population. The low educational performances in the zone, ask for an articulated action to improve the scholastic infrastructure and his I furnish, the pedagogic offer and (in a situation of political-military crisis and food insecurity) the offer of services of base as of the meals and drinkable water.

Overall objective(s)
To improve the conditions of life of the rural population of the ’cercle’ of Koro (region of Mopti), strengthening the resiliency of the local communities and particularly of the sectors more vulnerabilities: the agriculturists, the women in fertile age, the children and the services of base.

Specific objective(s)
To produce a positive push for the start of the new agricultural season and the scholastic year, as for the sanitary assistance, in the ’cercle’ of Koro.