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Enhancing learning settings – Renovating the school environment as a driver for the development of the Ngaparou 4 primary school in Senegal

duration: 9 months 30 days (From 1 February to 30 November 2022)
budget: 25,291 EUR

The project aims to contribute to the enhancement of the school system in Senegal by providing basic facilities to the teaching staff and young students of the Ngaparou 4 primary school, ensuring the improvement of learning and teaching conditions. Specifically, the school’s electrical system will be renovated and IT electronic equipment, furniture, teaching materials will be purchased and installed for classrooms and laboratory activities. In this way, it will be implemented a reconfiguration of the school space that will positively impact on youth, who will have the opportunity to benefit from a renovated and enhanced setting that stimulates the learning process, as well as on teachers, who will be able to strengthen their motivation as teachers.

• Supporting the development of the Ngaparou 4 primary school setting through the provision of basic amenities.
• Enhancing the quality of the educational tools for teachers.
• Enriching/improving the students’ educational path by creating better conditions at school.

Type of activities
• Purchase and installation of basic components and furniture that meet the needs of the school
• Provision of IT equipment and teaching materials
• Set up of an educational environment which can boost the quality of life at school, enhance the process of learning, growth and human development.

Results achieved
• Enhanced school spaces and environments through installation and access to essential amenities and resources.
• Strengthened and refined the educational and working methodologies of the teaching staff.
• Improved and enriched the educational experience-conditions of the young students.