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Enhance economic and social rights for internal migrant workers

duration: 2 years (From 1 November 2013 to 31 October 2015)
budget: 387,000 EUR

Survey on labour conditions in targeted factory in Southern China; support the network of Beijing Mingde Research Institute

To support labour and human rights CSOs in order to increase the promotion of internal migrant workers’ rights and to ensure them genuine representation and participation at work

Type of activities
- Training aimed at developing legal awareness, legal training in vocational schools in the countryside (before migrating)
- Legal aid,
- International conference on workers social and economic rights
- Issue of a quaterly journal

Expected outcomes
- At least 1.500 workers in 15 factories owned by European companies surveyed,
- 15 specific training for workers carried out
- 200 workers and student in the countryside aware of labour rights
- 20 legal cases assisted


Gemma Arpaia
[email protected]