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Decent Work and Social Dialogue in the Middle East and North Africa

duration: 2 years 5 months 30 days (From 1 January 2011 to 30 June 2013)
budget: 669,839 EUR

Immediate objectives:
1. (social dialogue): Improved and consolidated capacity of Moroccan trade unions, to participate in Social Dialogue that supports reforms on the labour market
2. (migrant workers): Improved capacity for trade unions in selected "recipient countries" (Kuwait or Bahrain) and asian "origin countries", to network and participate in social dialogue, which supports that protects migrant workers rights.

Development objective:
In Morocco and selected countries in the Gulf region, the working and living conditions have improved by the end of 2020, through functioning social dialogue mechanisms on the labour market and through better protection of labour rights of asian migrant worker

Working methods:
1. Disseminate the positive results from Cotridiaso project achieved in the training of OSH committees in, through training session for unionists, employees and safety representatives, workshops and development of best practice material.
2. Develop assessment report on international and national initiatives on protection of migrant construction and domestic workers rights in Bahrain. Seminar on “Protection of migrant construction and domestic workers’ rights in Bahrain and Kuwait”. Programme Advisory Committee agree on and guide the implementation of two action plans on “Protection of migrant construction & domestic workers rights in Bahrain and Kuwait”
3. Fact finding mission. Dialogue meetings and consultations with main international actors of trade union movement present in the region.