CSI // Répertoire des projets de développement syndicaux

Selon les syndicats, la coopération au développement fait partie intégrante de notre engagement pour combattre la pauvreté, promouvoir un développement social durable et améliorer les conditions de vie et de travail pour tous.


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Aims and objectives :
To organize meetings, exchange ideas, information and documentation and to study workers’ problem throughout the country and to mobilize public opinion to influence political decision making through discussions, seminars and public meetings.
To promote the formation of diocesan movements.
To collaborate at the National and International levels with other organization which have for their purpose of the worker’s welfare.
To develop in its affiliated movements an awareness of their unity and solidarity and to foster closer collaboration at the Regional, National and International levels.
To join by affiliation or otherwise National and International organizations whose aims and objects are similar to those of the Christian Workers’ Movement India.
To create awareness and social protection.
To create awareness about the Govt. schemes and Social.
To following the methodology of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn – SEE – JUDGE – ACT and Review of Life