CSI // Répertoire des projets de développement syndicaux

Selon les syndicats, la coopération au développement fait partie intégrante de notre engagement pour combattre la pauvreté, promouvoir un développement social durable et améliorer les conditions de vie et de travail pour tous.


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FSWF was founded in the year of 2007 as an independent and democratic trade union working to protect and promote workers right, human right, gender equality, freedom of expression, and democracy in Cambodia.

CFSWF takes an important role to push for awareness and empowerment for workers in the food and service sector through training programs and education on how to organize a union.

CFSWF is active in all aspects of social issues in order to receive justice, fair wages, safe working conditions, equal rights, sustainable environments, and better living conditions for Cambodian workers.

All activities of CFSWF are strongly independent and democratic in hopes that workers in Cambodia will receive fairness in the society, labor rights respect in the workplace, safe working conditions and a better living standard for workers through :
- Education of awareness and human resource improvement
- Promoting democratic decision making
- Advocating for improved labor rights, labor conditions and quality of life.
- Integrating workers form all sectors into once strong voice.
- Facilitating workers relationships with trade unions, labor organizations, The Ministry of Labor and other related local and international institutions.