CSI // Repertorio de proyectos sindicales de desarrollo

Para los sindicatos, la cooperación al desarrollo forma parte de nuestro compromiso de luchar contra la pobreza, promover el desarrollo social sostenible y mejorar las condiciones de vida y de trabajo para todos y todas.


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AUSER Emilia Romagna

The Auser (Association for the self-management of services and solidarity) is an association founded in 1989 on the initiative of the Union of Pensioners (SPI CGIL) and the CGIL, is recognized as a National Body with charitable purposes and is registered in the national register Associations of Social Promotion.
Auser is formed by the free membership of men and women united by a shared Charter of Values ​​and a strategic goal: to help make the life of the community, putting people at the "center of all social actions," building networks of relationships, organizing concrete answers to the needs expressed by individuals and communities and providing their time and expertise.

The network Auser in Emilia Romagna is made up of 30,961 members (including 11,735 active volunteers), 12 regional associations of social promotion, 12 charities, divided in 176 centers and clubs for local initiative and activities, and organized through the network ’Regional auser auser Volontarito dell’Emila Romagna and Emilia Romagna Onlus.