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Selon les syndicats, la coopération au développement fait partie intégrante de notre engagement pour combattre la pauvreté, promouvoir un développement social durable et améliorer les conditions de vie et de travail pour tous.


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Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vruthidarula Union-APVVU is a trade union federation promoted in the state of Andhra in India with decade long support extended by organisations like SAHANIVASA. APVVU being people’s movement involves struggles for land distribution and implementation of land reform laws, minimum and equal wages, discrimination against untouchability, against displacement and protection of forests and rights of adivasis, agricultural workers, small farmers and children’s rights with gender equity perspective.
Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vruthidarula Union is a state federation of 317 mandal level agricultural labourers unions spread over in 14 districts of A.P. The union has came into existence in the year 1991 and formed as full fledged federation at state level is in 1998.