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An island for you

duration: 1 year (From 10 January 2012 to 9 January 2013)
budget: 923,634 EUR

The project provides an opportunity for empowerment and training for young in marginal conditions in the Higüey city and surrounding area, they are trained professionally so they can get a better and safer access to the labor market.

Overall objective:
To encourage youth employment in the tourism sector in the eastern region, and more specifically the city of Higuey, enabling young people to help "from needy families and migrant workers" in the area, in synergy with employment policies and government formation.

In line with the above general objective, the project has the following specific objective:
Providing vocational training to 240 young people from needy families and migrant workers, and help them enter the world of work, promoting initiatives to improve integration between training provision and the world of work.

The results of the actions envisaged in the project (based on specific objectives and solve problems) are:
1) Active Training Center
➢ Structure completed and active
➢ classroom and laboratory equipment acquired
2) They completed the formation of at least 100% of the selected students
➢ The six courses are developed and implemented for each of the two training courses offered
3) Entry into the labor market by at least 70% of trainees
➢ Approximately 168 students have found regular employment and a living wage at the end of the project activities