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For trade unions, development cooperation is a part of our commitment to fight poverty, promote sustainable social development and improve working and living conditions for all.


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Action continental capacity building in Latin America

duration: 3 years (From 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2013)
budget: not communicated

Partner organizations in the program are supported and strengthened in order to obtain the expected impacts of the program at national, continental and international levels in the areas of human labor, social protection and job creation.

Partners of the project:
Cooperating WSM - Coordination program in Latin America, Derechos - Coordination "women’s rights campaign," Alcona - Coordination continental social economy (ECOSOL) JOCA - Coordination continental youth UTAL - union training institute, GRESP - continental coordination social economy in South America (Ecosol)


Didier Petre / [email protected]
Ellen Verryt / [email protected]